Pathways to an ethic of radically shared aliveness

Imagine yourself surrounded by the splendour of the Engadin, in the forests, on the meadows, in the mountains, on the glaciers, on the paths and trails. A weekend with walks among animals and plants, with philosophical encounters about being and silence, with a musical exploration of echoes from the future, with a night of sounds and with lots of dialogue, learning and shared immersion in the richness of the different perspectives of a shared aliveness.

Radically shared. Radical because we go to the radix, the root.

The WorldEthicForum opens its doors and windows to everyone who wants to experience and celebrate radically shared liveliness together with our Firekeepers.

Our public programme is a wholehearted invitation to join our multi-year journey.

We will explore together how we can experience with body, heart, head and soul what connects us all, human and non-human beings, when we go to the core in honesty, transparency and mutual support.

We will reflect, wander, listen, talk, smell, turn upside down, meet, revel in sounds, feel the earth beneath and around us, inspire and learn from each other—in short, see the world from different sides.

For tickets and the program, please visit the website of the World Economy Forum.